Tuesday, May 29, 2012

7 months

Chase is 7 months old (as of May 19th).

He really is growing up so fast!! The time is flying by and before we all know it, I will be posting about his 1st birthday!

Chase has been holding his own bottle and sippy cups lately. He gets excited to see a sippy with handles and while he's still working on his aim and tilting back, I'd say he's doing pretty well.

He's sitting up more and more on his own. It's hard work, but he is getting better at it. He also tries to pull from laying down to sitting, but that silly belly gets in his way, lol.

Chase had a MRV and saw his neurosurgeon on May 22nd. His ventricles have opened a bit but are not as opened as she would like to see, so she turned his pressure down again. His shunt is now set at 2.5 which is the lowest it will go! We don't have to see her again until the end of July or beginning of August.

We had Chase's Early Intervention 6 month evaluation. He met the goals we set in December! Our new goals include rolling consistently, and sitting straight up unassisted.

Chase doesn't have and major appointments coming up soon. Just a eye recheck and then July will be his 9 month checkup and August will be his surgery (yuck).

Hopefully next month we will have more to report!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A half of a year later....

And a few weeks. Sorry :)

Chase turned 6 months old on April 19th. Where has the time gone? My little man is not so little anymore, weighing in at 19lbs 8oz and 27inches long. He's also wearing 12 month clothes!

He's rolling and starting to be able to sit up for longer periods of time! He's been teething, but no teeth poking out yet. It's a great feeling to see how far we have come.

He had his urodynamic testing last month also. We recieved the results of that yesterday: (ahem)


He emptys his bladder well. We go back for a recheck in 6 months and depending on how that looks, his urology visits will drop to yearly!!!

However.... :-/

Chase's testicle still has not decended so his urologist has decided to surgically intervene. The good news is, it's an outpatient procedure and can be done a Lake Forest Hosptial which is a lot closer that Children's, especiall since Children's is moving in June.

We see his neurosurgeon on May 22nd. He will have his routine MR Ventricles and we will see if they are still small and we can turn his shunt down again or if they are stable.

In some other news:

Our friend Mark is in a contest to win a new van for him and his mom. If you would like to vote for him, please do so here. You can vote once a day and if he and his mom win this van it would be a huge help!!!

There are 2 blogs that I have been reading about two little girls that have some very grave diseases Nora who has Trisomy 18 and Avery who unfortunatly lost her battle to Spinal Muscular Atrophy on April 30th. Please read and share therr blogs to raise awareness about their diseases!

We'll update after our neuro appointment on the 22nd!

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