Wednesday, January 30, 2013

15 months

I was supposed to be doing a picture every week...oops. I'll put those at the end.

It was the month of appointments. We saw EVERYONE so this will be a huge update.

EYES - She feels that there has not been any change, so we will go back in March for another recheck and to decide if we should go a surgical route.

15 MONTH CHECKUP - Doing great! 24.7 lbs and 31 1/4 inches tall! I knew he had a growth spurt!!

SB Clinic
ORTHO - We will be getting braces, but only to help strenghten his left leg. These will go from his knee to his ankle. Eventually, he will get ankle ones then hopefully not need them at all. His ortho stated 90% of kids with Spina Bifida need braces their whole life, she feels that he is the 10% that won't. We will see her again in 6 months.
UROLOGY - In comparison to his last bladder test, things have changed a little bit. We will go back in 4 months for a repeat test to see if he is decreasing, otherwise we are still not cathing.
NEUROSURGERY - Overall she is happy with how he is developing. She has no worries.

So pretty much good reports all around!!!!!

Here are the week pictures I decided on:


first haircut



Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone's holidays were amazing! We spent the night at home, so that was amazing enough (if you don't know/remember, we spent the night at Children's on Christmas Eve 2011).

I'm sorry I didn't post anything last month. With the holidays, it was just hard to find time.

Chase is doing amazing. He's crawling and pulling to stand. His sitting is a lot better too.

This year, I want to post more...I hope to anyway. My dear friend Lydia had a blog post today and she is doing a portrait a week project. I've decided to do the same here.

Now, I'm not a "photographer" and I'm sure that most (read all) of my pictures will be from my phone, but I do think it will be cool to do a weekly picture of him.

Here is 1/52:

'till next week