Thursday, September 20, 2012

11 Months = sad face.



I'm crushed. Seriously. CRUSHED!
Where did my baby go?

What's new?

Chase can sit up from laying down. It's his new thing to do. He basically falls down to sit back up to fall down again. He is like a weeble wobble.

Eating has been going FABULOUS!! He eats everything we eat. We have family dinner together. It's amazing that a month ago, anything solid he would he, he would gag and throw up. Now it's like he's been eating solid food his whole little life!

It probably helps that he has 5 teeth! 5 teeth! It's weird to look at him with teeth.

No real crawling yet, but he's getting better everyday. He's starting to army crawl forwards bit by bit.

He healed well from his orchiopexy/hernia repair. We will see his urologist again in November.

I recently started another blog that's not so focused on C and more on just random topics that I feel the need to get off my chest. If you want to check it out, click here.

I mentioned in my new blog how different our life is now. Not only because we have a child, but it's more different than the average parent because we are special needs parents. B and I love our friends very much. I hope you all know that. We don't call, because, well....because we just can't. We have a different adgenda that people who are kidless. While bar hopping, concert going and sleeping until noon on a Sunday used to be our way of life (and there is nothing wrong with this), that time is now reserved for us to cuddle with our baby, work on eating food so he doesn't gag on it, helping him learn to crawl. He's a bit behind, so our extra time is devoted to helping him catch up.

We don't decline invitations because we want to, we decline because we have different responsibilities.

Our idea of a fun night has changed. Chase keeps us going. We get tired earlier than we used to so a fun night includes our jammies and our DVR.

Please don't be offended that we don't call. It's nothing personal. <3

Coming up:

MRI of spine/brain

Someones birthday? :(

12 month check up

Appointment with Dr Bowman (neuro), Dr Yerkes (Uro), and Dr Swaroop (Ortho) along with a muscle test, a kidney ultrasound and another Video CMG

Till next time