Monday, July 7, 2014


Wow. I haven't written in over a year and for that I apologize.

Life is busy. Good, but busy.

If you don't already, you can follow Chase and his progress on Facebook as I do more updating there.

Chase is walking well, more so with hinged AFO's but just as well without them. His PT and I feel that he has the stamina and strength, however, his balance is very off...almost like he is drunk (for lack of a better term) He has had 3 ear infections and is retaining fluid in his ear, so we will be meeting with an ENT tomorrow to see what our options are.

On Thursday, he will have a bladder test. He has one every year. As of right now, we do not cath him at all, and I'm crossing my fingers it will stay that way. He has not much interest in potty training, however, we do let him sit on a training potty when we go to the bathroom so he gets an idea. We will find out the results of that next Tuesday.

Next Tuesday we will see everyone at Spina Bifida clinic. So I will do my best to update after.