Tuesday, July 31, 2012

9 months...

Ok 9 months and a week and a half...sorry, lol.

We've been busy!!!!

Chase army crawls backwards to get to where he needs to go and rolls and rolls. He's all over the place! He is sitting better too.

At his 9 month checkup he was 22lbs 8oz and 28 1/2 inches long 2 weeks later at his preop he was 23lbs 1 oz and 29 inches long!

He's wearing size 18moths for clothes :( He's getting so big!!!

His first tooth is coming in! Its only about halfway out and he doesn't let me look at it. He always covers it with his tongue.

We don't have much new to update, it's been a low key month.

Coming up:

tomorrow. 8:45am. I will post an update after he's out of surgery. I don't expect things to be crazy about it. It's an outpatient procedure, we're having it done at Lake Forest Hospital instead of Children's which is nice because it's definitely closer to home.

Eye Recheck - I feel horrible because I never really comment on his eyes and glasses. I feel that they are getting better, crossing less. He's still pulling them off.

Neurosurgery recheck - As usual, MRV then we see if his shunt gets turned up or down.

1 year birthday....what? 2 1/2 months away :(

Till next time

Saturday, July 7, 2012

1 year anniversary

And what a year it has been.

A year ago, I was pregnant, and we thought my son was missing part of his brain. I was angry. I was hurt. I was scared.

What were we going to do? No one knew what to tell us. No one knew what the outcome would be.

We had only a few days to decide if we wanted to keep our baby or terminate due to a disease.
This is a decision that someone does not prepare themselves for. No one should have to make this decision. It was the hardest decision of our life.

For two and a half months we had numerous appointments filled with MRI's, ultrasounds, doctor visits, blood draws. I ended up having gestational diabetes. I had to do daily blood tests. I had to watch what I ate.
I ended up being induced early because he wasn't growing.

For two and a half months, I cried. I worried. I was angry and scared.

And after two and a half months of fear, worry, anger, sadness, wonder and waiting...
I gave birth to a little boy with Spina Bifida.

A permanent diagnosis was a major curve ball. We weren't ready for this....

...but I wouldn't have changed anything for the world.

I'm glad we made the right choice.