Monday, November 19, 2012

13 months

Today Chase is 13 months old.

I often reflect on where we were a year ago. For instance, today we were waiting to leave the hospital after an overnight stay. It's something I do often and more and more I feel I need to stop. If I keep living in the past year (which by the way went unfairly quick) how will I ever move forward.

I still struggle with Chase's diagnosis. Everything happend so fast, I feel like I needed time for each thing to sink in before being thown into the next, but that didn't happen, and by now, I should get over it.

I need to focus on the now.

Chase army crawls like crazy. He's getting so good and so fast at it. He has also figured out that he can move past the living room. Last night he was "crawling" in the kitchen and the hallway. It's that left leg that he just hasn't figured out can work the same way as his right. His PT says he will get there and will figure it out in his own time.

The PT and Chase worked on climbing stairs last week. He rocked it. Only problem...his left leg, LOL.

I'm so bi-polar (not to offend bi-polar people) about everything that has to do with Chase. I'm either really happy or really sad about it. I have no inbetween. I'm happy with where his is at with his milestones, but I'm sad that he's not exactly where he should be. I guess I just wish I could have a view of the future, just to know what he will be like, what obstacles he will have to face, and what ones he will have overcome. I just want to be prepared.

Chase was having a rough time for a while transitioning to solid, he will eat EVERYTHING!! He has been feeding himself by hand for awhile. It's fun to have dinner with him :)

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