Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone's holidays were amazing! We spent the night at home, so that was amazing enough (if you don't know/remember, we spent the night at Children's on Christmas Eve 2011).

I'm sorry I didn't post anything last month. With the holidays, it was just hard to find time.

Chase is doing amazing. He's crawling and pulling to stand. His sitting is a lot better too.

This year, I want to post more...I hope to anyway. My dear friend Lydia had a blog post today and she is doing a portrait a week project. I've decided to do the same here.

Now, I'm not a "photographer" and I'm sure that most (read all) of my pictures will be from my phone, but I do think it will be cool to do a weekly picture of him.

Here is 1/52:

'till next week


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