Saturday, July 9, 2011

One day at a time

I kept myself busy today. I didn't want to Google and think about everything, so I went to Babies R Us and Target to redo my registries, met a friend for lunch, went to some craft stores searching for wicker baskets, which I could not find what I was wanting, ended up at Hobby Lobby and decided that I wanted to make a comforter for Chase. I got the pattern and I got the fabric, now I just need to work on it. I'm thinking about going back to get more of the fabric to make valances for the windows. Then I ran to Wal-mart to grab a space bag. I've decided to store the girl clothes I bought in that until one day (maybe) I will have a girl.

B felt the baby move this morning. He was so happy.

I'm trying so hard to stay optimistic about the future, and I feel that I'm doing a good job staying that way, I just worry that I'm being naive. We've found resources on Facebook and I found a forum on the bump that helps us learn more and keeps us from thinking the worst.

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